Ever Koln manufacture a quality grade fresh frozen tuna products conforming standards as regulatory requirement. The company utilizes quality grade tuna that passes our standards upon receiving. The product is CO (Carbon Monoxide) treated for colour enhancement for US market and non CO treated to EU market and other exporting countries standard requirements. It has no additives and 100% natural freshly caught tuna quality. It must be stored -18°C or below until it is sold to our customers. The consistent shelf life of our product to eighteen months or more is maintained so as to preserve its best quality like colour, taste and texture under required temperature of -18◦C. We have sufficient freezing facilities to accommodate our quantity requirements on our day to day processing.

quality grade fresh frozen tuna

At EVER KOLN we have a special facilities and enough processing equipment and accreditations from several regulatory board. We export yellow fin, and big eye tuna to our buyers through refrigerated containers via ocean freight for product transport. We guarantee a high technology standard on technical aspect upon processing through skilled workers with enough knowledge and reliable abilities on tuna processing. We have already catered US, and  ASIAmarket.

Recently, the company is now launching its fresh frozen tuna products non CO treated to Europe market and eventually we are positive that we can cater buyers from the said countries.

Fresh Frozen Tuna undergoes the freezing process to achieve the product internal temperature of -18◦C immediately after the cutting process. Contact freezing or air blast freezing is the method we are using. For contact freezer it is set to -30◦C and cooked for 6(six) hours while blast freezer it is set to -40◦C and cooked for 6-8 hours. Products are stored at cold storage with the temperature of -18◦C or below until it is sold to our customers. The consistent satisfaction on quality taste tuna can be enjoy as one of the following advantages in patronizing  our Fresh Frozen Tuna CO or non CO treated.

Founded in 2006, Ever Koln International Food Corporation is a global strategic wholesales and consulting firm that serves international corporate clients throughout the world. Our products include fresh and frozen Yellow Fin Tuna, Big Eye Tuna and other fishery products.

Company Name: Ever Koln International Food Corporation
Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company

We Sell: Fresh whole Tuna AAA, Fresh frozen Tuna (Saku(sashimi), lion, steak, cubes, kebab).Fresh Frozen Marlin ( loins, steak, cubes, kebab).Fresh Frozen Milk Fish (bangus).Fresh Frozen Skip Jack Tuna and other fishery products.

We Buy: Fresh Fish, Frozen Fish

Number of Employees: 40 - 56 People

Factory Information
Management Certification: HACCP#: FP-NE-818
Department of Health Bureau of Food and Drug No.: RDII-RXII-F-818
USFDA REG. NO.:14797471574

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